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The famous and all around loved 10 items list to learn all you need to know about traveling and impress your friends without all the hassle.

  1. When meeting a Chinese person treat them with honor and respect. After all they're the representatives of the Empire to Come.
  2. Never leave your house without a spoon.
  3. Don't carry glass toys.
  4. Traveling doesn't makes you interesting.
  5. Coconuts, lemon and Salo. Hangers.
  6. They don't sell tampons everywhere.
  7. Potable water is a private resource.
  8. Bargaining for some bananas in the market doesn't take you deeper into the cultural experience, just makes you an asshole.
  9. People who perceive themselves as "good persons" are dangerous.
  10. The best time to leave a city is either when you have to clean the toilet or when you've received a love letter. Whatever happens first.
  11. Everybody speaks Money.
  12. It's not like in Europe Singapore.
  13. This last one I had to delete cause it was way too offensive.